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Why A Skilled Editor Matters

Any piece of writing can benefit from a skilled editor. A good editor ensures that a written piece is easy to read, flows logically, and is free of errors. So how do you know if you need an editor?

  • You’re unhappy with a document but don’t know how to fix it.
  • Writing doesn’t come easily to you, and you’d like some help.
  • You’re not sure if your ideas have been communicated effectively.
  • You want another set of eyes on a document.

By hiring the Pen of Jen, you're getting an experienced editor who has edited all types of documents, including articles, book chapters, employee manuals.

Jennifer is fantastic! Fast, efficient, and an excellent copy editor. She's also flexible, hard-working, and takes initiative. Have hired her before and will again."

Owner, Brand Strategy Firm
Project: Proofreading and Editing Articles for Publication in Forbes and Harvard Business Review

What Does An Editor Do?

A good editor focuses on:

  • preserving the writer’s unique voice
  • eliminating awkward and confusing phrasing
  • ensuring continuity and consistency
  • removing ambiguity and clarifying meaning
  • correcting grammar and spelling
  • ensuring that a document follows a logical structure.

When editing, I make several passes through a document to ensure that all of these issues are addressed.  As a final check, I run the document through Grammarly to catch anything I may have missed.

A wonderful and problem-free work project with Jennifer. She was very careful to get the project just right and asked for feedback where needed. Highly recommended!"

Ph.D. Candidate
Project: Editing, and Research for Ph.D. Thesis

FAQs About Editing Services

What are your rates?

You have two options when hiring me to edit for you. I can charge you by the hour or provide you with a fixed rate for the project. Details on each are provided below.

Charge by the Hour

My hourly rate and the time spent on your project will vary based several factors, including length, complexity, and how much editing work is required. If you require a very short turnaround time, I will charge you a higher rate.

I complete projects as quickly as possible and don’t drag things out to get a few more dollars. I charge only for the time I work on your project. I use an online time tracker to track the hours worked and use this data to prepare client invoices.

Fixed Price

I’m happy to provide you with a fixed price for a project. Before doing so, I’ll need a full understanding of your expectations so I can give you a price that is fair to both of us. For large projects, this may involve creating milestones.

When I provide you with my quote, I will clearly outline the scope of work, which will include:

  • A price for the project
  • Deadline/s or milestones (if applicable)
  • The specific work to be completed
  • Payment details.

Once we agree on everything, I will begin the project and send you an invoice per the agreed upon terms. Any additional work that falls outside the scope of the project will be invoiced separately.

Will I be able to review your edits?

Yes! Most of my editing projects are done in Microsoft Word, which allows me to track all the changes I make to your document so you can review and accept each one. I’ll also send you a version with all the edits accepted because it can be overwhelming to see all the edits I've made. Feel free to accept or reject any changes I make to your document.

Have other questions? Send me an email,  and I’ll be happy to answer them!

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