Affordable Custom Websites by Pen oF Jen

Affordable Custom Websites

Companies with a website perform better than those without one. However, many small businesses feel they can't afford a custom website. The Pen of Jen specializes in creating affordable custom websites for small and micro businesses.

The Pen of Jen builds websites with WordPress, an open source content management system (CMS) that powers almost 33% of the web—from hobby blogs to giant news sites. I use WordPress because it is flexible, easy to use, and allows clients to maintain their websites (if they choose to do so).

When creating your website, I will ensure it is:

  • Customized with your logo and colors
  • Responsive (looks good on any device—from mobile to tablets)
  • Focused on your business goals and objectives
  • Professional and credible
  • Designed to load quickly and SEO-friendly.

I love our website! I get compliments on it all the time. We have lots of information for different types of visitors, whether they need help or want to help or just want to find out what the Unforgotten Haven is about. Jen did a great job of organizing all of this information so it is easy to find and looks great. 

Michele Gambone
Founder, The Unforgotten Haven

Web Design Focused on Users

The goal of each web design is to support your business goals and help your current and potential customers find what they are looking for quickly and easily. The Pen of Jen will ensure that your site:

  • Is easy to navigate
  • Draws attention to the most important areas
  • Uses graphics and photos to support content
  • Incorporates easy-to-read fonts and colors
  • Uses headlines and subheadings
  • Breaks up chunks of text into short paragraphs and bulleted lists
  • Includes lots of white space to give the eye a break.

Whether you need a site built from scratch or have a website that needs refreshing, let the Pen of Jen help. Besides designing the site, I can also help create content. After all, it doesn’t matter how good your site looks if your message isn’t communicated effectively.

Jen is easy to work with and always finds a solution that meets our changing needs. She really cares, and it shows. We're lucky to have her as our web designer!

Michele Gambone
Founder, The Unforgotten Haven

FAQs About Web Design Services

What are your rates?

You have two options when hiring me to design a website for you. I can charge you by the hour or provide you with a fixed rate for the project. Details on each are provided below.

Charge by the Hour

The time spent on your project will vary based on length, complexity, and how much work is required. My hourly rate will vary based on the deadline for the project. If you require a very short turnaround time, my hourly rate will be higher. 

Web design projects may also include expenses (such as purchasing a domain name, stock photos, etc.) These expenses will be billed separately. The quote for the project will include an estimate and breakdown of these expenses.

I complete projects as quickly as possible and don’t drag things out to get a few more dollars. I charge only for the time I work on your project. I use an online time tracker to track the hours worked and use this data to prepare client invoices.

Fixed Price

I’m happy to provide you with a fixed price for a project. Before doing so, I’ll need a full understanding of your expectations so I can give you a price that is fair to both of us. For large projects, this may involve creating milestones.

When I provide you with my quote, I will clearly outline the scope of work, which will include:

  • A price for the project
  • Deadline/s or milestones (if applicable)
  • The specific work to be completed
  • Payment details.

Web design projects may also include expenses (such as purchasing a domain name, stock photos, etc.) These expenses will be billed separately. The quote for the project will include an estimate and breakdown of these expenses.

Once we agree on everything, I will begin the project and send you an invoice per the agreed upon terms. Any additional work that falls outside the scope of the project will be invoiced separately.

Can you write the content for my site?

Yes! I'm happy to edit your existing content or write new content.

Can you keep my site updated for me?

Yes! I'm happy to maintain and update your site, including adding new content as needed. We can discuss your specific needs and negotiate a price for these services as part of your web design project.

Have other questions? Send me an email,  and I’ll be happy to answer them!

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